Camera Obscura : Mary and her Qualia, 2021; Silver Gelatine Contact Print 50x60cm; Edition of 5



The knowledge argument (also known as Mary's Room or Mary the super-scientist) is a philosophical thought experiment proposed by Frank Jackson in his article "Epiphenomenal' Qualia" (1982) and extended in "What Mary Didn't Know" (1986).

The experiment describes Mary, a scientist who exists in a black-and-white world where she has extensive access to physical descriptions of color, but no actual perceptual experience of color. Mary has learned everything there is to learn about color, but she has never actually experienced it for herself. The central question of the thought experiment is whether Mary will gain new knowledge when she goes outside of the colorless world and experiences seeing in color.

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Camera Obscura : Mary in the black and white room, 2021; 2 Silver Gelatine Contact Prints, 50x60cm each; Edition of 3

at Kulturhalle Tübingen 2022


Stein und Schädel, 2022